Diazepam & Benzodiazepines miss-sold Bromazolam

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The alert concerns Diazepam and benzodiazepines mis-sold as Bromazolam. It produces strong sedative or sleep-inducing effects. There is a substantial risk of overdose as a result. Other effects can include: 

  • Feeling confused 
  • Feeling highly agitated 
  • Drowsiness and reduced consciousness 
  • Loss of coordination 
  • Memory loss and blackouts

Samples of blue pills bought in Warwickshire recently have been tested and confirmed as Bromazolam. It can also be found in counterfeit medicines – illegally produced but designed to look real. We have also been told of people intentionally buying Bromazolam from the internet, which has caused overdose incidents.

Advice for staying safe and helping others is attached. Please cascade as appropriate.

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Warwickshire Local Drug Information System 

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