Change of Address

If you change your address, phone number, name or other personal details please inform Reception as soon as possible or click on the link below, so that we may keep our records up to date.

If you move to an address which is out of our current practice area you will need to register with another doctor who covers that area.

Please do so as soon as you move and do not wait until you are ill.

This also applies to patients who are currently registered with us, but live in areas other than Weddington, St Nicolas Park, Horeston Grange or Caldecote.

If your new address is outside these areas, we will no longer be able to keep you registered with us.

Please let us know as soon as possible if your address or other details change.

You may use the online form below to notify us of your change of details.

The form will open in a new window, fill out the details and press the Send button.

If you don’t wish to use the online form then drop in to the practice and pick up a paper form.