Repeat Prescriptions

To order a new repeat prescription you now need to use the new POD (Prescription Ordering Direct) system. 

If you want to order your repeat prescription you will need to call 0247 624 6025 between 8am and 5pm Monday through to Friday.

If you wish, you may post your repeat prescription slip to us with a stamped addressed envelope, and we will post your prescription back to you. Please allow one week for this.

Online repeat prescription requesting

Alternatively you can also order your repeat medication online.

Please allow 48 hours, excluding weekends and Bank Holidays, for your request to be processed. Any problems please telephone the surgery.

If you are not yet registered with our website, please call in to the surgery to collect your unique registration number.

If you are already registered, to order your prescription or make an appointment online, just click here.

Only order what you need

Drugs are expensive and we try to avoid waste, so please check your cupboards before ordering repeat items, and only tick the items you actually need.

Every year millions of pounds worth of drugs are thrown away when people have ordered items they do not actually need.

28 day prescriptions

In line with national and local policies, it is our policy to issue repeat prescriptions for 28 days’ supply at a time. Research has shown that nationally approximately £12 million worth of drugs are thrown away every year when prescriptions are issued for longer than 28 days. By preventing this wastage, money can be channelled in to other NHS services.

Prescription pre-payment certificates

These save money for anyone needing more than 3 items in 3 months, or more than 12 items in a year. You can buy a yearly certificate for £104 (which can be spread over 10 months by direct debit) or a 3 monthly one for £30.25. Please ask your pharmacist for further details and how to obtain one